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Bell Gears: Gear Manufacturer

Shaft and gear Stacked gears

Helical gear manufacture


Up to 48" dia 1DP/25 MOD

Facewidth up to 300mm dia but is dependent on helix angle

The helical gear manufacturing process

Helical gears are used for the same purpose as spur gears, in that they are used to connect shafts on parallel axes. If made to equivalent levels of accuracy to those of a spur gear, helical gears are better in terms of load carrying capacity and quietness in operation. On helical gears the teeth are cut at an angle to the axis of the gear. As the line of contact on a helical tooth is not parallel to the axis, tooth contact and loading is gradual and is highly advantageous at higher speeds when spur gears are not practical.

Helical gears are manufactured on the same machines as spur gears, although primarily on planing and hobbing machines. They can be shaped, but this requires special cutters and guides for these type of machines.

Helical gear manufacturing process